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Network Solutions SSL High Pressure Phone Pitch

On April 26, 2018, I received an urgent phone call from an agent of, a service, claiming that I needed an SSL certificate Network Solutions for my website or dire consequences would occur, including that Google might drop my site from its search listing.

I was sold a “Basic SSL” for $249 which really turned out to be a “Premium SSL.” I could not complete the SSL certification process because my phone number is not in the DUNS system. Network Solutions then sent me an Email which literally said that I needed my lawyer or accountant to supply documentation to Network Solutions for verification purposes. The specific request was for an “opinion letter signed by your attorney, Certified Public Accountant or Latin Notary (where legally recognized) verifying the address.”

But I did not need any of this because I already had SSL Express through Network Solutions!

So Solutions sold me a product which I did not need!

I have applied for and am awaiting a refund.

I have spent about four hours of my life on the phone with Solutions representatives trying to sort this out.

Buyer Beware!

– Tom Irvine


Reference:, a service
Barrington Tower, 1894 Barrington St., Suite 1100, Halifax, NS, B3J 2P8 Canada
844.276.6678 Option 2 Extension 191102


David Facey, Powertech Labs

David Facey

12388 – 88 Avenue
Surrey, British Columbia Canada V3W 7R7
Phone: 604-590-7500
Fax: 604-590-6611

* * *

Hello David!
* * *
David’s Email is: ┬á
* * *
– Tom Irvine



Dwain Richardson Bitcoin Scam

Dwain Richardson steals PayPal passwords to make bogus Bitcoin purchases.

Payment To:
Dwain Richardson (The recipient of this payment is Non-U.S. – Verified)
Seller’s ID:
Seller’s Email:

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